The Oxbridge Baby App!

Our new Oxbridge Baby app is out now!

Introducing the ultimate Fun & Learning experience for Preschool Children!

Welcome to the latest innovation in early childhood development. The Oxbridge Baby app has been designed to provide lots of fun combined with a gentle learning experience made specifically for preschool children.

For the first time we are now able offer an ad-free experience so little ones can watch all our videos in a child friendly, distraction free environment whenever they want.

The Oxbridge Baby app features exciting and engaging content making it an essential tool for parents and caregivers who want to give their children a head start in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Oxbridge Baby app features Exclusive Content with new videos added all the time and in a format that is so easy for little ones to use!

The Oxbridge Baby app is where you can ‘Learn to Talk’ or Sing & Dance with ‘Funky the Green Teddy Bear’ plus lots and lots more! Enjoy Ad-free and Exclusive Content with new videos added all the time, only in our brand-new app!

What makes the Oxbridge Baby app special?

Variety of Content: The app offers a wide selection of videos that cover essential early development topics such as ABCs, numbers, shapes, colours, sounds, nursery rhymes, songs, poems plus lots more. Each video is lovingly created to ensure the content is visually exciting, engaging, and most importantly, fun!

Interactive Learning: The app features videos with elements that encourage children to actively participate while watching. Copying and repeating what you see on the screen not only keeps little ones engaged but also reinforces learning through practice and repetition. For more information on how best to use our videos click here.

Baby Sign Language: The Oxbridge Baby app features our highly popular ‘Learn to Talk’ video which includes baby sign language. This video can help assist in the development of communication skills even before verbal speech fully develops. This can be particularly beneficial for children who are not yet able to speak clearly, allowing them to express their needs and thoughts more effectively. For tips on how to watch our videos click here.

Safe Environment: We understand the importance of safety when it comes to your children’s screen time. The Oxbridge Baby app is designed to provide a secure, ad-free and distraction-free environment. This means no interruptions from commercials, pop-ups, or inappropriate content, ensuring your little ones viewing experience is both safe and enjoyable.

App Features:

Exclusive Content: All our videos are exclusively made by Oxbridge Baby for Oxbridge Baby. The app also features content not available anywhere else.

No-Ads: Watch our videos with no distractions and 100% ad-free!

Download Videos to Watch Offline: The Oxbridge Baby app allows you to download episodes to your device to watch offline anytime, wherever you want.

Regular Updates: Watch our new content here first! We add new videos to the app on a regular basis. Like magic, the videos just appear on the app as soon as we make and release them!

Custom Playlist: Create a custom playlist with the videos your little one loves to watch again and again. You can also press the ‘Play All’ button and watch all the videos back-to-back.

Easy Navigation: The Oxbridge Baby app has been designed to be easy for little ones to use with bright and bold images creating an intuitive environment that is simple to navigate.

Amazing Collections: Our video collections include, Learn to Talk, Funky the Green Teddy Bear, Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Sounds for Kids, Jazz Baby, Classical Baby & Old MacDonald with new videos added all the time!

Safe Environment: The Oxbridge Baby app provides a safe, kid-friendly viewing experience for your little ones.

Preschool Specific Videos: The app features unique and lovingly created preschool, early learning themed videos featuring songs, stories, dancing, nursery rhymes, puppets and lots more!

Parental Controls: Via a number code protected parent’s area you can find more information about Oxbridge Baby, control downloaded content and subscribe to the app.

Age Rating: Made for little ones aged 4 & under and Oxbridge Baby fans of all ages!

Why do parents love the Oxbridge Baby app?

  • 100% ad-free
  • Download videos for off-line viewing
  • Exclusive content
  • Features the amazing and original ‘Learn to Talk’ video
  • New content added all the time
  • Lots of videos that encourage gentle preschool learning
  • Child safe and distraction free environment
  • Parental lock for pay areas
  • Make a playlist to save your favourite videos
  • Hours of kid’s videos, songs & stories that little one’s love
  • Preschool specific videos

With its fun and engaging content, gentle learning elements and commitment to safety, the Oxbridge Baby app is an invaluable resource for fostering early development but most importantly, having lots of fun!

Subscribe today to give your child full access to the best (in our opinion anyway!) Preschool Fun & Learning app available!

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