Learn to Talk - Viewing Tips

A few ideas to help you get the most out of videos!

While your little one will enjoy watching ‘Learn to Talk’ time and time again by themselves, you can (and should whenever possible) watch along with them which will allow you to demonstrate and reinforce the language they are trying to learn.

Here are some tips to help support your baby’s language development.

Repetition and Reinforcement: This is an important element of language learning. Repeat the words and signs you see on screen to help your little one make connections. Babies learn through repetition, so don’t worry about overdoing it!

Praise and Encouragement: When your baby attempts to say a word or make a sign, praise their effort. Positive reinforcement will encourage them to keep trying.

Descriptive Language (Say What You See): Describe what you’re doing and what your baby is seeing. For example, “I’m eating a strawberry. See the strawberry? Yummy strawberry.”

Expand Vocabulary: Use a variety of words to describe objects, actions, and feelings. “Look at the big, brown bear. The bear is sleeping.”

Interactive Play: Use toys and books that reinforce the words and signs from the videos. Point to the real-life objects (or pictures in books) and use the corresponding signs.

Sing Songs: Simple songs and nursery rhymes with actions are great for language development.

Everyday Routines: Try to incorporate signs and words from the videos into everyday situations, for example:

  • Mealtime: Sign and say words related to eating, like eat, drink, more, and all-done.
  • Bath Time: Use words and signs for water, wash, soap, and towel.
  • Playtime: Incorporate words and signs related to toys, colours, and actions.

Be Patient and Observant: Watch for cues and pay attention to your baby’s attempts to communicate. They may start by mimicking gestures or making sounds.

Celebrate Small Wins: Every attempt to communicate, whether through signs or sounds, is a step forward. Celebrate these moments to build confidence.

Create a Language-Rich Environment: Talk to your baby and engage in conversations with them throughout the day. Even if they don’t respond with words yet, they’re listening and learning.

Limit Screen Time: Yes, we know we make amazing videos and have an exciting new app for little ones but please balance screen time with plenty of face-to-face interaction, which is crucial for language development. We live in a world of screens but too much (and this goes for all of us!) is never advised and nothing beats real world interactions.

By combining learning videos like ‘Learn to Talk’ with baby sign language, interactive play and consistent, descriptive communication, you can help your baby learn their first words. Remember, every baby and child develop at their own pace, so be patient and keep the experience fun and engaging.

Most importantly, have fun Learning to Talk!

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