Funky the Green Teddy Bear

A Fun Filled Musical Preschool Adventure!

‘Funky the Green Teddy Bear’ is a fun filled preschool series that will introduce your little ones to the amazing world around them. Every episode is based on a different preschool theme that has been lovingly created to be gentle, entertaining, full of music and most important, lots of fun!

Every magical episode features a new and unique song by ‘The Music Man’ (on the theme of the episode!), everyone can move to the music with ‘Dance Time’, watch a masterpiece being created in ‘Drawing Time’, have fun with a classic nursery rhyme in ‘Nursery Rhyme Time’, listen to the beautiful words on the theme of the episode in ‘Poem Time’ and then take a minute wind down during ‘Quiet Time’. Plus, lots and lots more fun with Funky the Green Teddy Bear and his friends!

New episodes are released every week. Click the icon below to watch ad-free on the Oxbridge Baby app or visit the Oxbridge Baby channel on YouTube.

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